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African Digital Libraries Support Network (ADLSN) is a network of African practitioners and stakeholders with a common goal of supporting the preservation and dissemination of research. The network is composed of practitioner communities in the following countries: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

ADLSN provides a bridge between local practitioners, the open access community and international funding programs and initiatives. Our goal is to build Pan-African solutions that foster innovation through an exchange of ideas, culture and research.


Many universities and research institutes within Africa do not have research infrastructure for managing and disseminating research output and data. The result is that valuable information gets lost and sometimes even crucial studies are conducted over again.


With its 54 countries, Africa is a large and vibrant continent that has many different cultures, habitats, climates and rare species that only live on this continent. It provides a great opportunity for scientific and humanities research. Many local researchers are already conducting groundbreaking research on topics that address local and global challenges.


ADLSN’s ambitious goal is to partner with research and learning institutions across the African continent to realize an interconnected network for global dissemination of research, data and local collections. We conduct training and provide the necessary support to enable institutions to build interoperable digital solutions.

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