The Training Unit exists to support the overall mission of the ADLSN by providing training services to users of FOSS Digital Repository software across the continent and beyond. Training has always been one of the core activities of the Network from the time of its predecessor, the Southern African Greenstone Support Network (SAGSN). Since 2007, scores of users have been trained all over Africa through ADLSN expertise.

ADLSN offers several training options:

  • Workshops based on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with hands-on exercises geared towards your type of content and digitisation plans. ADLSN operates as a non-profit organisation, as such the rates (fees) for these workshops follow directly from actual costs while some of these costs (like venue) might be met by the requesting institution.
  • On-site training where we help you find someone within your country or region with the right expertise that actually comes to your institution for a few days to give training or sit down with you and get things going
  • Internship where we help you find an already experienced institution willing to have one or two of your staff for a short period of time and train them on the job

On site training and traineeship come with an ADLSN quality assurance that a visiting expert or organisation receiving a trainee can do a good job but are otherwise not an ADLSN responsibility.

Training costs generally have to be met by the requesting institution although ADLSN may assist in finding ways to help overcome this potential barrier.

As follow-up to training remote-support is offered through facilities like Skype or Google Hangout.