The iMark Information Management Resource Kit “Digital Libraries, Repositories and Documents” is an excellent e-learning resource with earlier versions having been distributed on CDROM to participants in ADLSN training workshops for years.

iMark is being spearheaded by FAO in collaboration with 30 partner and contributing organisations.

The (United States originated) FOSS4LIB Open Source Selection pages offer tools and mini-guides helping to decide “if open source is right for a library and what open source packages are a match for a library’s needs”.

Each tool includes a self-guided narrative that explains how to use the tools and interpret the results. The “Software Selection Methodology” section called A Method for Software Selection in Libraries in particular helps the very early stages – as practice in ADLSN Communities has proven time and again – where it is first and foremost about Engagement. This “actual and proven needs” oriented stage is the foundation to build upon with the next step being Managing Scope, Budget and Timing and so on, and so forth.

The Association of African Universities and KIT Library produced the “Institutional Repository Toolkit” which provides a practical roadmap for establishing and operating a digital repository. The Roadmap’s only available copy is by virtue of the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine – needing a little bit of time (sometimes repeated trying) to dig up and respond.