To address the challenges of information preservation and dissemination and at the same time to counterpunch the perceived image that, Africans are active consumers and passive contributors, when it comes to global knowledge base. Tanzania, through local ADLSN community and other digital initiatives rally behind the effort of creating awareness and build capacity on establishing digital repositories to disseminate its heritage materials and intellectual outputs.

Tanzania ADLSN – Timeline overviews

The Launch   

INASP in collaboration with the then South African Greenstone support Network(SAGSN) staged a three days workshop at University of Dar es salaam, which was based on choice matrix concept, whereby Greenstone and Dspace were explored and demonstrated accompanied by associated issues such as metadata and policy issues.
Faciliators: Africa J Bwamkuu and Paul Muneja.

Pre-launch training were conducted in June, 2009, sponsored by UNESCO whereby 14 teachers from School of Library, Archives and Documentation were trained.
Facilitator: Africa J Bwamkuu

And then in October, 2009, The offcial launch of ADLSN communty were kickstarted at SLADS with participants from varous research and academic institutions.
Facilitators: Africa J Bwamkuu and Amos Kujenga from Zimbabwe.

The follow-up workshops

In June, 2010; UNESCO sponsored a workshop to explore open source tools for organizing and dessiminating environmental data.
Facilitators: Africa JBwamkuu and Amos Kujenga.

From 2009 onwards, Tanzania Digital initiatives were many and there were emerging technical base of skilled trainers and implementers of digital repositories.

In June, 2012, Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA), in collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and Instititute for Development Studies(IDS)  exploring the possibility of regional training at Muhimbili  University of Health and Allied Sc ience (MUHAS) in Dar es salaam where by participants paid the participation fees.

The workshop were quite success attended by participants from many Tanzanian’s institutions and some from Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.
Facilitators: Africa J Bwamkuu, John Nason from IDS, UK and John Ferrire, from University of Cornelli, USA.

Technical and administrative base: ( Main contacts)

  • Daniel Francis : daniel [at] admin.udsm.ac.tz
  • Levina Mfupe : lmfup[at]googlemail.com
  • Paul Muneja : pmuneja [at] gmail.com
  • Hamis Nguli : hnguli [at] gmail.com
 Digital Initiatives Key players  News & Upcoming events

List of established Digital Repositories in Tanzania

  • COSTECH – Using Greensstone
– http://e-library.costech.or.tz/
  • Ifakara Health Centre – Using EPrints
–  http://www.ihi.or.tz/
  • Tanzanian Digital Library Initiative

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