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Setting our sights on the future

ADLSN leadership has established four teams to focus on tackling the following strategic priorities:

  • Technical
  • Training
  • Resource Mobilization and Advocacy
  • Communications and Network Expansion

Consisting of a team lead and three to five members, each team has been working away at their first major task, which is to define their 2014 objectives and a timeline for implementation.

focusThese teams represent the next step forward in the ADLSN’s ongoing efforts to provide digital access for Africa content. As stated by the ADLSN President, Mr Africa J. Bwamkuu; “we are pleased to launch these new teams that will provide us with a framework to make targeted progress on realizing our mission to facilitate access to local digital content in Africa.



Specific 2014 objectives for each team include:

Training— providing online and face-to-face training and the creation of a digitization toolkit.

Technical—completing the ADLC (African Digital Library Central) implementation in support of the Collection Visibility Project, which will increase access to African content (learn more). In addition, this team will work on the creation of related technical policies and guidelines.

Resource Mobilization and Advocacy—developing new partnerships and identifying new funding opportunities, as well as defining ADLSN’s sustainability model.

Communications and Network Expansions—continuing to inform our partners and stakeholders about our activities as well as redesigning the ADLSN website.