Practical Digital Content Management from the Digital Libraries & Archives Perspective

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The goal of the three-day training session is to translate theoretical ideas about digital libraries for African institutions into reality by focusing on implementation and management.

The training will cover the planning process, guidelines and policies involved in operationalizing a digital repository. It will also provide a unique opportunity for individual institutions to realize the dream of implementing a digital repository by offering a hosting platform and the technical skills to set up the repository on the spot. The training will impart practical skills on setting up a digital repository using open source tools such as Greenstone and DSpace.

Training Objective

To empower information specialists with the practical skills to translate a plan into reality by assisting participants to set up their digital repository.

Important information

When: 5-7 November 2014

Registration deadline: 20 October 2014

Where: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Who Should Attend: African system librarians, information and knowledge managers, digital repository managers and other information specialists who would like to learn how to plan, implement, and manage content in a digital repository.

Cost: The registration fee is $300 (USD) to cover the training, accommodations, and breakfast and lunch for the three days of the workshop. All participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and any visa charges. ADLSN can help participants with visa logistics.

The maximum number of the participants are 25 (Register now to guarantee your seat!)

If you want to set up your institutional digital repository by the end of the training workshop, you will need to bring a laptop  and digital content from your institution


Practical Digital Content Management from the Digital Libraries & Archives Perspective Programme


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