Background in Nigeria

nigeriasagreenstonetrainingnclaunch2010The ADLSN presence in Nigeria kick-started in July 2010 at the occasion of the 1st workshop on Greenstone software, run by theSouth African Greenstone Support Network (SAGSN). SAGSN was renamed into African Digital Library Support Network with the idea of providing a support framework that doesn’t focus on Greenstone only, but that encompasses other aspects for creating digital collections and repositories: policies, copyrights, IT infrastructure.

Where and who?

The ADLSN National Centre in Nigeria is a shared responsibility of  Ms. Olufunmilayo FATI of the University of Jos Library and Mr. Ibrahim Usman Alhaji of  Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria.

Digital collections in Nigeria

List of collections available in a digital form in Nigeria.

Digital Libraries and Repositories: Nigerian Stories


This story illustrates one of the many projects burgeoning in Nigeria.

We met with Faith Adetunji, from Global Archives Scholars Ltd, who connected with ADLSN through the Greenstone support mailing list. Her project plans the creation of a digital library for the Oyo State, that will support the education and the access to knowledge.

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