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Introduction to the Malawi Chapter

Malawi is rich in locally produced research; both grey literature and peer reviewed. However, there is a need to provide easy access to such works through a well organised repository. The Malawi Chapter introduced different digital solutions for organising information across the country. These include Greenstone, Dspace, and Koha.

The Malawi National Digital Repository (NDR) is among the projects that has deployed Dspace to manage research in Malawi. It was launched in 2011 at the Malawi National Library Service with the help from Institute for Development Studies (IDS). This repository provides open access to research on Malawi, and research done by Malawian researchers on different subjects. This initiative has allowed Malawian scholars who are studying in the diaspora to have easy online access to important documents (i.e.) research, policies and other government documents. Prior to the establishment of NDR, students in diaspora had to travel to Malawi to find these documents and in most cases they were frustrated because they found and then wanted need to find other relevant materials. The NDR project has a team of document collectors who visit learning institution and government departments to collect documents across the country. The documents are then abstracted and uploaded on NDR—a Dspace based repository.

Ina similar development, the Malawi National Library Service has implemented Koha as its Integrated Library System (ILS) and it has on online Open Access Catalogue (OPAC).


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