Significant barriers to the development of modern ICT infrastructure exists in many countries, prohibitive licence fees, inaccessible or outdated technology and a lack of relevant IT skills for successful adoption, installation and operationalization of digital libraries. Libraries in developing and transition countries require affordable, accessible, up-to-date software that can be adapted to meet local requirements. In the light of all these, ADLSN (Kenya centre) intends to create a group of “local experts” in the region to enhance capacity and encourage adoption of the open technologies that will potentially put a great deal of control into the hands of ICT technicians, librarians and Information managers to be able to empower them to actualise digital libraries.

Who is who in the centre

  • Agatha Kabugu – akabugu[@]   (Also EIFL-Licensing Country Coordinator)
  • Rosemary Otando – rosemary.otando[@]   (Also EIFL-OA Country Coordinator)
  • Evan Njoroge – evan.njoroge[@]   (Also EIFL-FOSS Country Coordinator)

Upcoming and Past events

  • Institutional Repositories & DSpace Training for KLISC members – April 2-4, 2012 (See Photo gallery here or here)
  • Access to E-Resources at Kenya National Bureau of Statistics – March 19-21, 2012

Interesting links

News | Digital Collections in Kenya | Galleries | Videos

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