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Although digital repositories/libraries have been around for quite some time, the practice of building digital repositories/libraries in Ethiopia is a very recent phenomenon. This was manly due to lack of relevant IT skills, the cost of commercial technologies, etc. However, due to the recent interest from many professionals in the area and the proliferation of open and free technologies to build and manage local resources, there are a number of initiatives taken by higher learning and research institutions. An inventory of these initiatives is being compiled on our community site.

traning_0The idea of having a national network to facilitate and support these initiatives as well as further promote the technology to enhance the availability and accessibility of locally generated knowledge was conceived in May 2012 at the training workshop on institutional repository building, organized by the Forum for Social Studies (FSS) and Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).



The ultimate objective of ADLSN Ethiopia is to realize the adoption of open digital repositories/libraries throughout Ethiopia. To this effect, the Centre aims to build a network of local experts (community of practice) and create a virtual forum whereby they share experiences, learn from other colleagues at other ADLSN centres so that they will be empowered to effectively promote, build and support digital repositories/libraries. The Centre will be focused on all aspects of creating digital collections and repositories including, standards, policies, copyright, technologies and infrastructure.

This site is a platform for sharing of ideas among professionals thereby facilitate sustainable support for building and maintenance of institutional repositories and digital libraries. We encourage and welcome your new ideas, comments and suggestions. Please setup your account using the below link.

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