Many African institutions have valuable digital collections but do not have the infrastructure to support 24/7 global access. In 2013 ADLSN launched the 2013 – 2015 Collection Visibility Project (CVP) to address this challenge and build a cloud-based environment for globally connecting African digital repository collections.

Called African Digital Library Central (ADLC) the easy-to-use online platform helped a number of African libraries and archives trial 24/7 global access to their digital collections while retaining own branding and identity.

Throughout the years ADLC also led by example demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of cloud based services at conferences and workshops – those organised by ADLSN among them. Renting server capacity at leading cloud hosting companies (Amazon AWS and Linode) and managing ADLC as SaaS  ([open source] Software as a Service) costs and cost recovery in a non-profit context could be worked out.

Reviewing the post-CVP years, the ADLSN Administrative Board decided October 2017 to discontinue ADLC as single hub in the cloud facilitating trialling in a SaaS based manner. Instead a more basic, cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will be offered whenever asked for by the ADLSN Support Community. Put another way: ADLSN changed position from driving demand (ADLC) to demand driven.