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A Digital Library for the Oyo State, Part 1

We met with Faith Adetunji, from Global Archives Scholars Ltd, who connected with ADLSN through the Greenstone support mailing list. Her project plans the creation of a digital library for the Oyo State, that will support the education and the access to knowledge.

The digital library will provide information and – when available – access to various types of materials through on online catalogue: scanned books, e-books, newspapers.

At the time of the interview the project implementation hadn’t yet started. Mrs Adetunji and her team are refining the needs in terms of hardware, software, human resources, consultancy etc… and the necessary budget.

On the technical side they plan to use the Greenstone software to set up, manage and serve the digital collections. Various questions arise for this project: type of server required to host the Greenstone installation, process to include the e-books, design of the network etc.