ADLC – Your hard drive in the cloud

Many African institutions have valuable digital collections but do not have the infrastructure to support 24/7 global access. In 2013 ADLSN launched the 2013 – 2015 Collection Visibility Project (CVP) to address this challenge and build a cloud-based environment for globally connecting African digital repository collections.

Whether or not you have a local digital repository, this ADLSN initiated African Digital Library Central (ADLC) is an easy-to-use platform for African libraries and archives to help ensure 24/7 global access to digital collections while retaining own branding and identity. ADLC also is the name of  the cooperative managing the service.

At the ADLC website you will find all further information: the idea behind it, how it works, cost, how you can have your digital content hosted and who the ADLC Cooperative are.

Want to have  a quick peek (courtesy of participating libraries) how digital content on this “hard drive in the cloud” has been made searchable in Greenstone and DSpace? Go here and find out.